Price list

Price listed is for reference purposes. Final cost depends on the actual condition of the teeth, material and treatment of choice presented in the treatment plan.

All ceramic prosthesis delivered by Lilladent are designed and manufactured using the most modern CAD- CAM technique.

Payments could be made in cash, bank transfer or by card.

Cancellation should be made at least 24 hours before the time of appointment. A fee of 10.000 Ft will be charged for late/ same day cancellation.

Examination and treatment planning HUF

Consultation5.000 Ft
*implant consultation, treatment planing, impression, CBCT30.000 Ft
Panoramic Radiography7.000 Ft
Periapical radiography4.000 Ft
Full CT
(maxilla and mandible)
25.000 Ft
Maxillary CT18.000 Ft
Mandibular CT18.000 Ft
Single tooth CT
(Root canal treatment)
12.000 Ft
Scaling, tooth whitening
Scaling + polishing
20.000 Ft
Scaling + polishing
25-30.000 Ft
Scaling + polishing + subgingival sandblasting
( Periodontal maintenance phase)
50.000 Ft
In office tooth whitening LED light50.000 Ft
In office tooth whitening + scaling65.000 Ft
In office tooth whitening with laser80.000 Ft
Root canal treated single tooth bleaching 15.000 Ft
Home bleaching 65.000 Ft
Esthetic tooth filling HUF
Small filling 20.000 Ft
Medium sized filling 25.000 Ft
Large sized filling 29.000 Ft
Anterior tooth filling 25.000 Ft
Tooth neck
(cervix) filling
20.000 Ft
Pulp protection with MTA 5.000 Ft
Optic fiber reinforcement for large cavity/2mm5.000 Ft
Ever X reinforcement for large cavity 5.000 Ft
Deep margin elevation
(for subgingival cavity)
10.000 Ft
Temporary filling 5.000 Ft
Root canal treatment (under magnification with ultrasonic irrigation)HUF – Ft
Access opening 1 root canal tooth 25.000 Ft
Access opening 2 root canal tooth 30.000 Ft
Access opening 3 root canal tooth 40.000 Ft
Access opening 4 root canal tooth 45.000 Ft
Root canal filling
(1 canal tooth)
25.000 Ft
Root canal filling
(2 canal tooth)
30.000 Ft
Root canal filling
(3 canal tooth)
40.000 Ft
Root canal filling
(4 canal tooth)
45.000 Ft
Root canal medication5.000 Ft
Broken instrument removal25.000 Ft
Post- endodontic filling
(true tooth- like look, with fiber reinforced material)
30.000 Ft
Fiber post + build up 20.000 Ft
Porcelain veneer 90.000 Ft
Veneer composite 30.000 Ft
(composite) Inlay/ onlay
60.000 Ft
Emax inlay/ onlay 85.000 Ft
Fissure sealing15.000 Ft
Night guard 15.000 Ft
Periodontal treatments
Periodontal status examination 10.000 Ft
Periodontal status intraoral radiograph
(full mouth)
20.000 Ft
Close curettage
(root planing) /sextant (1/6)
30.000 Ft
Close curettage 1 tooth 8.000 Ft
Full mouth closed curettage 150.000 Ft
Maintenance package
(after 1st treatment around) – (scaling+ root planing)
55.000 Ft
Fiber reinforced splinting of moving teeth/tooth10.000 Ft
Periodontal tissue regeneration by Emdogain + VL/ ½ arch50.000 Ft
Oral surgery – Tooth extraction
Normal extraction 25.000 Ft
Extraction of moving tooth 15.000 Ft
Radix extraction 25.000 Ft
Molar tooth extraction
25.000 Ft
Surgical tooth extraction 35.000-40.000 Ft
Suture 5.000 Ft
Blood clotting sponge 5.000 Ft
Crown lengthening /tooth25.000 Ft
ProstheticsHUF – Ft
Smile Design, Digital Smile Design6.000 Ft
Wax up/tooth6.000 Ft
Emax veneer 90.000 Ft
Porcelain fused to metal crown 60.000 Ft
All ceramic crown Zirconia 85.000 Ft
All ceramic crown Emax90.000 Ft
Temporary crown 8.000 Ft
Crown Recementation 15.000 Ft
Complete denture/arch – from150.000 Ft
Partial denture
(metal baseplate) From/arch
200.000 Ft
Denture relining 25.000 Ft
ImplantHUF – Ft
Consultation, examination, treatment planning 15.000 Ft
CBCT radiograph 30.000 Ft
Implantation surgery 135.000 Ft
Full package price for 1 implant around if no bone / soft tissue
augmentation needed
300.000-330.000 Ft
Closed sinus lifting 80.000 Ft
Open sinus lifting 150.000 Ft
Ridge expansion
(price of bone graft material)
50.000 Ft
Healing abutment 20.000 Ft
Prosthetic abutment 50.000 Ft
Crown over implant 70.000-90.000 Ft
Pediatric dentistry
Tooth extraction
(with anesthesia gel)
8.000 Ft
Tooth extraction
(with injection)
12.000 Ft
Cement filling
(milk tooth)
10.000 Ft
Composite filling
(milk tooth)
12.000 Ft
Fissure sealing
(milk tooth)
14.000 Ft
(milk tooth)
10.000 Ft
Milk tooth root canal treatment 15.000 Ft
Scaling and polishing
(milk tooth)
10.000 Ft
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