Your natural tooth surfaces are not flat.

Disadvantages of flat fillings:

  • Violates the natural anatomy of the teeth, forms ledges on the tooth surface, plaques and staining
  • Disturbance of occlusal function/li>
  • Aesthetic

Too often, you get white “aesthetic” fillings from dentists that look flat, lifeless, and look nothing like your real teeth. Too often you think that the filling should be like this. Well, not quite.

Concepts of life-like, biomimetic 3D dental fillings have been around for a long time, but due to the complexity and time-consuming nature of the technique, they are only performed by highly trained dentists and a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the teeth. Biomimetic 3D dental fillings respect the natural anatomy of the teeth, do not interfere with occlusal function (support and guidance when biting and chewing) and look much better. Of course, if you had to choose between an average flat filling and a lifelike, real anatomical 3D composite filling, the answer would always be the latter.

So why do fillings have to look like this?

The question is, where and at what price can you get these fancy 3D fillings? Some luxury clinics in Budapest have different prices for “normal average fillings” and 3D fillings, with 3D fillings starting at HUF 35,000.

At Lilladent, we have only one standard for fillings: anatomically correct, lifelike 3D fillings, at the price of “normal average fillings” elsewhere. We believe that all treatments should be performed to one standard – the highest quality.

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